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World of Breaxer: Holidays 

​There is a total of nine international Holidays in the world of Breaxer. 

Orange Day: Day of feasting. It is held on the ninth of March.

Yellow Day: Day of chills and thrills. It is held on the thirteenth of April

Blue Day: Day dedicated to the ancient emperor Di Kaga. It is held on the thirtieth of December.

Green Day: Day of charity. It is held on the seventh of July.

Indigo Day: Day of rest and introspection. It is held on the eleventh of November.

Red Day: Also known as Samour Day (basically Valentine’s Day). It is held on the eighth of February.

Violet Day: Also known as Union Day. It is the day where the founding of the Union is celebrated, and marches are held in the honor of the greatest officers and officials. It is held on the tenth of May.

White Day: It is basically New Year’s.

Black Day: A day dedicated to mourning the dead and injured. It is held on the twenty-first day of January.

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