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Community Conduct

I may not have a large or even decent sized audience at the time of this writing, but I find it wise to preemptively put rules in place to save everyone the headache. The first and most important thing you must realize is that this is not a democracy. I am the king, and you are all but peasants fit only to be stepped on. I am a narcissistic meglomaniac (which I suspect Americans of liking) that has the final say on this website. Of course I will lend my ear to loyal subjects. At absolutely all times, I maintain the right to both block people from commenting, and to delete comments as well. I do not care what you believe is “free speech”, I will make sure that my community is a good one. Now, the rules are inclusive of, but not exclusive to…
1. Try not to curse a lot.
I do not *** care much for *** cursing, you *** ***. That is not to say that words like “ass” or “damn” will not be seen on this blog, but the more colorful curse words will be censored (as you may have seen already). I ask of you all to make sure you dial your language back.

2. Try not to be vulgar.

While this kind of ties into the last one, I feel that it should be separate since you can indeed be vulgar without cursing.  Please do not go into explicit details about things that are disgusting, at least not to be shocking. Also, keep it in your pants. I do not want to hear you either talk about your sexual fantasies, hear how much you want to bang a character, or hear you sexually objectify a character, especially one of my own. That is not to say that discussion about sexuality is prohibited. Just keep it classy.

3. Do not devolve discussion into a flame war.

This one is simple. If I see that proper discussion is derailed into petty arguments, I will simply reprimand the parties and ask them to stop. If they do not, the comments will be deleted. Simple as that.

4. Do not be a bigoted fool, and do not harass people.

This one is also quite simple. It would be even easier so say “treat others how you want to be treated”, but considering that people have different standards, it probably will not hold up all that well. In short, do not call others racist, homophobic, ableist, or sexist slurs. Do not treat others horribly, and do not make any sort of threats. If this rule is broken, so help me God, I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger, those that poison and destroy my blog. And you will know my name when I lay my hands upon thee!

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