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Hey everyone, my name is Brandon Christopher. But please, call me Kakuzan since I find plastering my name over everything NARCISSISTIC!

In all seriousness, I am a young author currently working on two serials. The first one is an anthology with some of my work from when I was even younger, and my main story that I will be working on for a long time, probably until I am victorious in conquering this world and all others.

I see writing as sharing a part of yourself with others. The reason I write is both for myself, and to bring people together. It is actually funny since I did not really have a talent for writing from when I was young. Most of my skill comes from watching, thinking, and executing.

That is enough about me for now. Let us go on this adventure together, and maybe we will learn more things in the process.

You can find my writing here.

JukePop Serials

© Brandon David Christopher/Kakuzan


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