You inquire as to what my name is

Understand that it is of no consequence what it is

Open your heart and soul and I will ordain to you what I am

I am the fool that has risen from nothing

I am the primal catalyst and the forger of the new covenant

I am the light that guides the wavering wishes of all

I am the king of kings that rule over the four cardinals of the world

The divination of heaven has baptised me, for I am the bridge between the heavens and earth

I have conquered infinite trials, and I am the victor that stands proud on the stained hill

I am valor

I am the seeker

I have withstood the ever changing tides of fate to rebuild the kingdom

I am justice

I am the sacrifice

I am immortal

I temper the wickedness found in the hearts of men

I have stricken down the cursed tree, and the great star shines again

I am the king of dreamers, and I am awakened by the dawn of the new world

I am the hero that heeded the call of the horn

I am whole, I am complete

And by my silver sword, your end has come