This is my first major post since the start of the year, and in a while in general. I admit, I have been in a bit of a rut for the past few months due to stress with moving and what not, and I may decide to delete some of my creations made during that time due to what I feel is lack of quality. I have quite a few things planned, including a formal introduction of my actual self to illuminate your ever so dull lives, but things must proceed in their proper order, so enough of that.

I have actually been meaning to do this one for a while now, but what can I say? Shite happens. And as it so happens to be, I have a bone to pick with so-called “mature” content (don’t judge me for doing a title drop, okay?). It has always bothered me when people equate maturity with dark elements. Having dark elements in something does not automatically make it somehow mature, at least not in my book (which is what matters since I am better than you all).

To me at least, it is more so about the nuance and exploration of themes in a story that makes it mature. Let us say for instance that some edgy snob made a story where somebody is sexually assaulted. The story is not about the effects of such a traumatizing event, and the person it happened to is not even a focus in the story. Worse still is that it was a red herring in a murder case in which that same victim of the rape is the one murdered, meaning there was literally no real point for including it. Worse still is that Dr. Light the perpetrator was retconned (for those of you that do not know, retcon is short for retroactive continuity, in which  events are retroactively included) into being a rapey rapey sort of bloke just because somebody thought that making a villain a rapist is necessary  for making that villain threatening. You know that story, and it is Detective Comics Comic’s Identity Crisis. And no, I will not include a scan of the scene, ya sick bastards. There is just so much wrong with this, but I won’t go into a rant since I do not think it is my place to do so. Just know that I utterly despise sexual assault being treated lightly, especially since I know somebody that was raped.

Comic book reviewer Linkara has said that this started a trend in DC Comic’s where the stories became darker. While I am not an avid comic reader, I do tend to read about comics, and I must say, he seems to be right. Unfortunately, rape was not the only thing I have a grudge against. Amongst other things, this mini series was and still is infamous for unceremoniously killing off Firestorm, and for having “heroes”  doing morally ambiguous things. Moral ambiguity is of course not a bad thing ( though I prefer what I call moral nuance), but it has become so commonplace these days that it has lost any and all potential impact it once had. And besides, I personally do not care for heroes acting decidedly unheroric, and  anti-heroes have been grating on me as of late.

How did his arm go through that guy’s head? Oh my stars!

And yet there is even more that I roll my eyes at, such as intense gore (Akame ga Kill), sibling incest (Ultimate Marvel), cannibalism (also Ultimate Marvel), characters banging all time (pretty much anything that has a TV-14 rating, and sometimes even lower than that), intense sexualization (Japan), necrophilia (WWE’s Katie Vick angle), and torture (DC’s Cry for Justice). And since we are in an age where people immediately believe that you are either attacking them personally, or somehow trying to censor the creator because you have a criticism, I do not inherently hate any of those things. It is just as a creator, I sometimes feel that there is this need to include these things to appeal to the mainstream audience. While I did include torture in Breaxer, there is a reason for it, and I did not go into sickening detail either. To me at least, it seems that media is cynically made to include these things, as if the creators are going down a checklist. On the next Breakdown, we will be do a continuation of sorts where I talk about the dreaded PG rating. It was going to be a part of this one, but as you see, it is plenty long enough.

Until next time.

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