Denizens of the Internet tend to value privacy above all else. However, it seems slightly paradoxical, to me at least, when the Internet is the place with the absolute least privacy.

I find it especially funny when companies make themselves out to be your friends and protectors of your rights, but the reality is that they record your information, and sometimes they sell that very same information. It is weird how people tend to be much more lenient when a company spys on you rather than when the government does it.

As a (not so) quick aside, I want to bring up government surveillance. Unlike most people, I do not forge my values on concepts like “freedom” or “order”. Both of these vague concepts have been used as a weapon to suppress my kind, just in different ways. Because of this, they mean nothing to me. Instead, I am an utilitarian. Therefore, I base things off of the cost vs reward. In other words, I believe that government surveillance should be lowered from its current state since it hardly catches terrorists and criminals. It causes both unrest, and the public to turn against the government, and because of this, it does more harm than good. However, if it did prove effective, then I would be more favorable towards it.

Anyway, the Internet is probably the least secure place to put anything. Even if you go by an alias, you can be tracked by your IP address if someone really wants to find you. Of course, you can use a virtual private network, but even that is not a perfect solution since you are not completely anonymous. 

There is also this worrying idolisation of these so-called “hacktivist” groups. In an instant, they can release all of one’s personal information. Yes, it is usually “for the greater good”, but I find it especially ironic how groups that claim to value privacy have no problem pilfering private information from folks they don’t like. As I said before, I would do the same in a heartbeat if that person is vile, but then again, I do not go around using loaded words as a creed.

Until next time.