I am the perverter of despair’s Asgard

I am the bearer of all truths

I bathe in the mouth of the black pond

For if the sins of the world are denied,

Then I will bear it all

It is my duty

It is my destiny

It is my drive

The gathering of dreams has begun,

And these ground will be the cornerstone

I am the avenger of the wronged,

And the destroyer of the wicked

I sustain my avaricious gluttony with nightmares,

And abstained by the hopes of the new-birthed

I cultivate a jade garden in the vestibule of the kingdom,

And cast the fruits of temptation into a blazing inferno


The radiance of both glory and the embers is tempered by the shadows of the brave

I am the nothing and all,

The end and beginning,

The unliving and immortal,

And the earthbound and heavenward

Thus I have risen,

And thus I am the connection

My voice fills the empty valley,

And my commands are known by everything

For I am the king of the world