You are not alone

For though we may be seperated by land and sea

My heart prays for you

You may cry

But I will wipe those tears

You may falter

But I will help you get up

You may want to give in

But we will carry through together

No matter how much I am cursed

I will stand by you with a smile

For I too have been there




You are not weak for feeling such things

Because we are able to know pain

We can experience the most glorious victory

We can go further than the ones that haven’t seen the face of despair

For we are the ones that endure

So please

Join me on this silver road

We can go anywhere

Over the mountains

Across the seas

Even the vast sky we can journey

And when we reach the peak

The chords of heaven will play

And we can bask in the beauty of a world undiscovered