Lately, there has been rampant cynicism in the world. We see and hear all of the injustices the world bears, and it shakes us to our very core. Whether it was the Trail of Tears, the Crusades, the Nanking Massacre, the My Lai Massacre, the World Wars, or the Holodomor, the list of atrocities we have committed against each other is a long one, and atrocities are still being committed. It is not only the egregious cases that are cause for worry either. In a society where we are supposedly advanced, we still carry the burden of classism, sexism, racism, transphobia, homophobia, and another long list of prejudices. These still exist, but they are downplayed or outright ignored since it is an inconvenient truth. I will be a complete liar myself if I that said I truly loved this world, because I don’t.

However, just because something has been disgusting, and/or still is such, that itself is no proof that the future will be the same. Too often will people point to the heroes of the past and say that fighting is will yield nothing. But I have to ask, is that true? People like Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr, Thomas Paine, Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, and Susan B. Anthony stood against injustice. They may not have completely solved the problem, and some of them were victimized for their effort, but that is why it is up to the people of today to go foward. They have succeeded in cultivating a seed of hope for the future, and that is why it does not matter if their bloodline turns to ashes, or if the memory of them is erased. The hopes and dreams they carried can not, and will not be suppressed.

My hope for a better world is not only for humans either. About two years ago, I read about the story of Lobo, the King of Currumpaw. In that story, the titular wolf died of a broken heart due to the death of his mate. This reminded me that things like sadness and joy are not limited to humans. That is why I demand a future where suffering is no more, whether you are black or white, male or female, cisgendered or transgendered, hispanic or asian, male or female, human or animal, or even organic or synthetic. What matters the most is the heart.

Just like in the past, I am not alone in my dream. There are people still marching, still wishing, and still hoping. And their numbers are in the millions. I can, and I already have put my money where my mouth is. I have given to the African Wildlife Foundation, World Vision, St. Jude’s, New Harvest, the Global Fund for Women, and more. For the path that I have chosen, I will do my very best to improve the world. I do not care if I am held up on a pedestal. I am perfectly fine being a stepping stone. But my question to those of you reading is this: What will you do for the future?