Behind the Frozen Cavea

Braeden walks around to the back of the establishment to meet Sera.

Sera: So the vampire girl let us use the pothole?

Braeden: Yes

Sera: I don’t see why you bothered asking her. I would’ve just went down whether she liked it or not.

Braeden: I know you would have, which is precisely the reason I asked you kindly like the gentleman I am to wait here. Besides, it saved me the headache.

Sera: Headache? It sounds like you’re saying that I annoy you. If I bother you that, you could always get another Lieutenant Colonel, Bray.

Braeden: I wouldn’t say that you annoy me, it is just that you don’t have what most would call a “cool temperament”.

Sera shoots a sharp glare at him.

Sera: Uh-huh

Braeden: See? That right there is what I am talking about. You’ve caused a lot of people to literally soil themselves when you get angry.

Sera remains unamused

Sera: You’re talking about me? When people look at you, they assume you’re a mass murderer with that perpetually angry face of yours, and I’m sure you scared yourself a couple of times when you look in the mirror. Unlike you, I have a beautiful and adorable smile.

Braeden: … Okay, I’ll give you that.

Sera: That I’m adorable? It is a good thing that you can recognize that.

She smiles smugly.

Braeden: I wasn’t talking about that, but if you want to fool yourself into thinking you are adorable, go right ahead and knock yourself out. Not literally though. I wouldn’t want to carry you.

Sera: Hmph, whatever.

Sera lifts the pothole and begins to descend.

Sera: Let’s stop wasting time.

Braeden: And there she goes bossing me around.

Braeden spoke under his breath. Sera raises her head above the pothole.

Sera: What was that?

Braeden: Nothing. Nothing at all.

Sera descends once again and Braeden follows her lead. Once they were both at the bottom, they begin to walk.

Sera: Do you think Amon knows anything? If he doesn’t, it wouldn’t be much of an accomplishment since he isn’t all that dangerous.

Braeden: I doubt that he knows much, but I want to get as much information as possible. And if he doesn’t want to tell us anything, than you can just mi-

Braeden stops dead in his tracks.

Braeden: I feel it, someone is dying.

Sera: What!? Where from?

Braeden: The same direction we were headed.

After he said that, Braeden vanished from Sera’s sight.

Sera: Wait!

Her words do not reach him.

Sera: Damn it!

Sera regains some of her composure.

Sera: The same direction he said?

Sera rushes towards the same direction that Braeden went.

Darry’s Pub

Braeden enters the pub to see it wrecked, and to see a man slouched against the bar bleeding and gravely wounded. With no pause, Braeden walked towards the man. He inspects him and sees that the man is still alive. With no time wasted, Braeden puts his hand on the man’s shoulder.

Braeden: Goel.

Braeden spoke softly, and when he did, an aura envelops the man, and it flows into Braeden. His eyes open, and he raises his head.

Braeden: Are you okay?

???: Huh?

The man’s confusion turns into fear as he touches his body to check for wounds, and the fear then turns to relief.

???: My wounds! You… Are ya a healer?

Braeden stretches his own neck.

Braeden: Not exactly, but that doesn’t matter. Who are you and what happened?

Darry: I’m Darry, the owner of this place. Two guys came in and asked me a few questions.

Braeden: Do you know who they were?

Darry: Nah, I ain’t never seen em before. All I can say is that one looked like a cat, and the other looked like a dog.

Braeden: And what did they ask you?

Darry: Those guys… They were looking around for Amon.

Braeden: They were?

Darry: Yeah. He’s been staying with me for a little while. I didn’t know who he was, but he paid money, so I didn’t ask. I regret that now, the damn rotten bastard.

Braeden: So what did you tell them?

Darry: I ain’t tell em nothin.

Braeden: Why wouldn’t you? It is not like you care all that much for Amon.

Darry: Hell no I don’t, but I ain’t care much for trouble either. So I lied, but the dog started sniffing around, and I was found out. The cat got all pissed and flipped the place.

Braeden: And where are they now?

Darry: After the cat smashed the place to hell, they snooped around a bit and left. They didn’t spend all that much time looking though.

Braeden: I see. If it isn’t too much, can you tell me where he is?

Darry: He came back out when it was all over and went out. If I had to guess, the little bitch probably went to the courtyard.

Braeden: There is a courtyard down here?

Darry: He he, ya sound surprised. Don’t expect much though. The place is run-down and there ain’t anything beyond there. Most people down here don’t even know about it, and those that do don’t go there unless they want to piss in secret.

Braeden: And why would anyone go through all of that just to urinate?

Darry: You’d be surprised, people are weird.

Braeden: So how do I get to this courtyard?

Darry: Have something I could write on?

Braeden takes out the compact holopad out of his pocket and hands it to Darry. Darry writes down directions and gives the holopad back to Braeden.

Braeden: Thank you.

Right after he says that, Sera enters.

Sera: You left me!

Braeden: That doesn’t matter right now. Call for reinforcements amd secure this area. I’ll be back

Sera: …Alright, but where are you going?

Braeden: I’m going after Amon. Two individuals were looking for him, but they are long gone.

Sera: They gave up that easily? If  is the case, Amon probably isn’t too valuable.

Braeden: Even so, we might as well bring him in.

Braeden turns towards Darry and back to Sera.

Braeden: Keep him safe.

Sera: That’s no issue.

With that, Braeden takes his leave.


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