Denizens of the Internet have probably gotten angry at one point or another, especially the ones that get outraged when they think others are outraged. When this happens, the common thing to hear is “grow a thicker skin”. This is one of those things that seems reasonable until one applies deeper thought,like a failed recreation of The Thing running for president.

What bothers me the most with this line of thinking is that it assumes that the recipient of this phrase just got randomly angry. It is easy to tell someone that they are sensitive when you don’t know what they have been through. Imagine if you were being kicked all through the day. You deal with the pain because you want to be tough, but then one guy comes up to you to kick you again. Keep in mind that this kick was softer than all of the others, but then the guy says one damning thing; “Come on bro, be tougher”. 

That is another problem too. It is completely understandable when you didn’t mean to do it. The person you hurt explains why they are angry, and any sane person would apologize and not do it again. Unfortunately, that is usually not the case. Imagine that very same guy treating you like you’re the jackass because you were hurt. It is one thing to make a mistake, but it is another thing to be completely provocative and unapologetic. And it is even worse when it is a whole crowd saying “Wow, that guy needs to cool down”, ignoring what the other guy did to you. This situation I described is so applicable that it is saddening.

I am sorry to bring this up (no, not really), but the black community has to deal with this often. We are treated unfairly, called various slurs and compared to animals, and we die first in movies. Whether people realize it or not, we force ourselves to become hardened lest we go insane, but when it happens constantly, even a light touch can start to be annoying. And with that annoyance comes anger, and with that, hatred. This happens in school bully situations as well. Everyone wants to tell you how to handle the bully, but they fail to help when you come to them, or even worse, actively ignoring it. This doesn’t even touch upon the multiple times when you get into more trouble for reporting the bully.

There is a trope called “Beware The Nice Ones“.It is one of my personal favorites because it is both interesting and important to understand that everybody has a breaking point (no pun intended). Especially when the slant is not innocent, you can’t expect people to be a punching bag and take it. When you’ve been pleaded with time and time again, there comes a point where you do not deserve the assumption that what you did was just a blunder. The retribution is not always right, and violence should not meet with violence. But it is always easier to be so morally superior when you haven’t stood where the other guy has stood.