The Catacombs

Throughout the sewers of Autel are various bars, black market shops, and shanty towns. Collectively, they are known as the Catacombs. There are various entry points throughout the entirety of the city, and there is seldom a person that hasn’t been here at least once. 

Walking through the dark and murky corridors of the Catacombs are two phantom beasts, both wearing suits. Ogi, the larger of the two, resembled a dog and wore sunglasses. Grado, the shorter and stockier one wore headphones and had twin tails.

Grado: Aw, it smells like s**t down here!

Grado continues walking foward while Ogi stops.

Ogi: Pitiful. I believed that your vulgarity would have subsided with all of the time that has passed since we were last on a mission together, but it seems that the thought was a foolish assumption.

Grado stops walking and turns around.

Grado: And I thought being in this city would have gotten ya to get that stick outta your ass.

The two walk up to each other and exchange glares.

Ogi: I never requested your assistance anyway. It was Mr. Gagamba that insisted you come here.

Grado: Ya sound a bit pissed there. Ya wanna take it up with Gagamba?

Ogi: Not at all. If he believes that this problem of ours necessitates the presence of a brassy cat, then I shall not doubt his judgement.

Grado: Ha! I see ya still a kiss ass, but that don’t matter since you’re my kiss ass, pardner! Now let’s get that bastard!

Grado roughly pats Ogi on the back while grinning. After that, Grado resumes walking.

Ogi : You say that, but you don’t even have the slightest idea of where you are going, do you?

Grado: Eh? Well… I guess I don’t.

Ogi: *annoyed growl* Fine then, follow me.

The duo begin walking again with Ogi leading the way. After walking a small distance, Grado bumps into a man in ragged clothes. With almost no delay, Grado pulls out a gun, points at the man’s left arm, and pulls the trigger.

Man in ragged clothes : Ah…GAHHHHHHHH!

The man fell to the floor, clenching his left arm in intense pain.

Grado: Don’t go acting all dramatic, theu were just rubber bullets.

Grado steps forward to the man

Grado: But I ain’t use em cause I’m a nice guy.

Grado violently steps on the man’s injured arm, causing him to let out an even more pained scream.

Ogi: That’s enough, cat.

Grado waits a few seconds before obeying the command.

Grado: I was getting bored anyway.

Grado lifts his foot off of the arm.

Grado: By the way, what is the name of the guy we’re goin’ after?

Ogi: You mean you don’t know?

Grado: Don’t be like that, a cat could be forgeful once ina’ while.

Ogi: *sigh* The name of the target is…. “Silver-tongued” Amon.

Frozen Cavea

Standing pristine and pretty, the Frozen Cavea is a bar located in the Basilica District of Autel. As the name implies, frozen sculptures are on display through out the whole bar. The bar is owned and tended by Maria Tepes, a female vampire with a height of about 160 cm. She has medium length white hair and blue eyes, and her usual style consists of a pink shirt with white accents, a white pleated skirt, dark colored tights, white shoes, and a pink beret.

Braeden walks into the Frozen Cavea. When she hears the door opening, Maria puts down the glass she was cleaning and greets him.

Maria: Hello Mr. Lupin, you appear to be doing well. Where is Ms. Corbeau? I have not seen her for too long.

Braeden: I left “Ms. Corbeau”  outside.

Maria: Oh? Did she not wish to see me?

Braeden: If I recall correctly, the last time you “saw” her, I had to deal with an amazed crowd, annoyed repairmen, and that very angry guy whose car got scratched. You could’ve sworn I commited some sort of a grave transgression, but I didn’t even do anything.

Well. I was the one that bought Sera to this place, but I coudn’t have foreseen that… Or maybe I should have now that I think about it.

Maria tilts her head in false confusion.

Maria: Such a thing never occurred. Perhaps you are recalling incorrectly?

Braeden: Lets not do the feigning ignorance thing, it makes the both of us look like fools..

Maria: But I am not “feigning ignorance”, Bray. It is you that is acting strange…

Braeden pauses before speaking

Braeden: I guess I am mistaken. Since that’s the case, I guess the 10,000 credits I was going to send you as a gift is a case of my memory failing me as well.

Maria: Huh?

Braeden: Such a shame. I was really in the mood for giving, but there is no point in crying over spilled milk, right?

Maria: …No! You’re remembering correctly!

Braeden: So that means I did indeed have to drag a certain someone away while she was yelling in no uncertain terms something along the lines of, “I am going to kill this bitch”, all the while flames were flaring up because you decided to be an evil little girl?

Maria: Uh… Yes?

Braeden: See? Isn’t being honest such a great thing?

Maria: Yes, honesty is such a magnificent thing, which is why you should tell me if you were telling the truth about that gift…

Braeden: I’m sorry, but I don’t recall.

The tears of a crocodile start to stream down her cheeks.

Maria: That’s so mean, Bray!

Braeden: You like to provoke people and you call me the mean one? Besides, you should be making plenty being here in this district.

She wipes away the tears.

Maria: Who says I don’t? A great wealth of customers come in during the night, but it is slow during the day.

Braeden: (As I can see.) If that is the case, you wouldn’t need my money anyway.

Maria: Of course I don’t really need it, but more money is always marvelous, no?

Braeden rubs the back of his head and continues speaking.

Braeden: Maria.

Maria: Yes?

Braeden: I have a favor to ask. Can I use the pothole in the back?

Maria: Oh? Is this how you usually operate? Do you sweet a girl up before asking for a favor?

Braeden: What?

Maria: I mean, you never are direct.If you were doing something so simple as asking for directions, it would take you at least five minutes before you get to the point. I am not sure if I should consider you a gentleman or a sly charmer.

Maria’s face bears a malicious grin.

Braeden: Well I just can’t be direct like that, it would be rude. So, can I use it?

Maria: Of course. But may I ask for what purpose?

Braeden: Do you probe people often, or am I a special case?

Maria: What do you think?

Braeden: *sigh* You remember when I was talking to you about Amon a week ago, right?

Maria: Yes, he used to be a “collector” for the Gagamba Family, but he ran off with their money and secrets.

Braeden: And now he is lurking down in the Catacombs.

Maria: Down there in that wretched hive? I would never set neither of my feet in there.

Braeden: Hmph, I already knew that.

Braeden faces the other way and begins to walk.

Braeden: See you later.


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