Spiritual energy (also known as mana, prana, ki, and pnuema) is the fundamental source of power in the world. It is usually analogous to a measure of one’s power, and it can be increased through training, rituals, and surgery. It is also possible to temporarily boost one’s supply by using a philosopher’s stone.

Aether refers to the particles spread throughout the world that act as a “pressure”. High quantities of aether act as a weight that restricts the output of energy, making it usefull for training purposes. Low amounts allows for a higher output of energy, but those with poor control will harm themselves and possibly others.

The physical manifestation of spiritual energy is aura, now more commonly known as fullbright. The color of a fullbright is not determined be power, but is instead a representation of the self. A great exertion of spiritual energy results in a fullbright becoming visible, and the possibility of being sensed arises, though those highly skilled are able to supress their energy to undetectable levels. The aura acts as a blueprint, making it possible to discern many attributes of whoever the aura belongs to. The practice of aura analysis is known as aura reading. 

Ars Anima is the broadest term used to refer to the application of spiritual energy. Ars magus, the Paradigm, and alchemy are all part of the Ars Anima designation. The most basic skill would be Reinforcement/Fortification, which is the strengthening of one’s body, or other objects.