Is this a face that would lie to you? Yes, yes it is.

*Now, just to be clear, I am not going to go in depth and explain the controversy. This segment is a comedic piece in which I exagerrate my rage while trying to make some points.  As soon as you enter the man’s name, you will find out about this scandal known as “Lochtgate”.

So I just found out that some jackass with a smug look that Satan himself would be envious of concoted this insane scheme that would instantly correct Scooby Doo’s speech impediment because of how goddamn looney it is. What the hell happened to responsibility? This man right here is 32 years old, and I heard some people saying that “boys will be boys”. Uh, no? This clown is 14 years older than me, and I know that this sh*t won’t fly. When I was 14, I knew not to do this. When I was goddamn 10 years, I had the common sense to know that this should happen only in cartoons. And there are people that pity him for his “mistake”. What the hell is wrong with you people!? What is it with  downplaying this sort of stuff and allowing fools like Mr. ImapissonyourstationandsayIgotrobbed look like they were the victim in all of this? The entitlement, the foolishness, and the irresponsibility that is displayed should not be tolerated, but this provides good snarking material, and might have given a few shows (cartoons especially) some fresh ideas, so what do I know?