I alone remain at the edge world

The blackened sky crashes into the pale earth

And all is dragged into the void

The Tree of Life weeps in sorrow and is uprooted 

I journey up the stairway to heaven
Carrying the burden of Akasha on my very back

My flesh of the guardian tears

And my blood of the redeemer boils

But I have no regrets

I arrive at the Gate of Truth, bathed in the twilight of the saintly
Bound by twenty seals, the gate stands flawless in its beauty

Ye who enters through this gate will forsake the old world

But I am not afraid as I have embraced my fears

For those that believe themselves to have no fear have no understanding 

And thus do they run away from themselves

And thus do they fail to realize their foolishness 

It is in my right hand that I hold the key to the kingdom 

I walk up to the gate to face my final destiny 

And the seals on my arm resonate 

The way to heaven has been opened up

The beautiful twilight calls forth a new reality

The dead tree dissolves and transforms into jade plains

The tears that it wept transmute into azure waters

And its roots form the ground

The breath of the heavenly dragon creates the blue sky and silver winds

I now rule from the castle in the sky

My wings are formed by the ten heavenly aspects

And  I wield a sceptre in my right hand

I can see it with my own eyes

The great kingdom that is beyond the Gate of Heaven