Two individuals enter a bar

The first one had a powerful physique 

This one always got into fights

The second one had a body that was much more modest

This one was seldom in any

They both order drinks

One ordered a very bitter drink

And the other ordered a drink that was sweet

A man wearing a paper-like face, overflowing great coat, and a fedora brings them their drinks

The individual with the strong body had a smirk of audacity painted on their face

The individual with the modest physique looked at the man with caution

The enigma challenged them both to a test of strength 

The one with vigor accepted immediately while the one without did not accept at all

The challenge was not one that is dismissible, however

The terrain transformed into a vast and open field

The two characters were both stripped of their strength 

The man pointed to an ongoing execution of a youngling

The formerly powerful soul stumbled in the opposite direction

The soul that never had great strength stumbled towards the execution to stop it

The challenger had seen enough

The illusion was dispelled 

The one that boasted strength was suspended upside down to a stake

The meeker individual was rewarded with the strength that was stripped from the two previously 

It was a true test of strength indeed