Race: Human

Height: 185 cm

Hair color: Silver

Eye color: Gold

Fullbright/aura color: Black & blue

Likes: Cooking, work, traveling, resting outdoors.

Dislikes: Seducers (in all senses of yhe word)

Gear: Sephiroth

Mutation: Brave Soul

Paradigm: Imperial Sovereignty- Erebus

Rank: Colonel

Born to a prostitute and small time criminal, Braeden, originally named Edward, already had bad blood in him. He ran away at the age of ten to escape torment, but he stilled faced tribulations. Through many battles, he grew stronger, attracting a man named Jean. They became brothers, and together, they purged criminal elements in many places. However, it was not meant to last as they were both imprisoned at the hellish prison of Black Bridge. Many months passed before an opportunity to escape arose, but only one of the two escaped. Two become even stronger, Braeden ventured into one of the Fractures, areas that defy logic completely. It has been a couple of years since then, and Braeden is currently a Colonel in DTR.