Before reading, please be aware that this contains a spoiler for the movie adaptation of Batman: The Killing Joke. Just so you are informed, I have not read fhe graphic novel in its entirety. However, I have read about it, and I generally know the basic gist of it. I encourage you to form your own opinion.Also, here are some videos I watched pertaining to this that may be more useful.




Now then, I welcome you to the Breaking Point, where I rant gloriously. The Killing Joke was authored by Alan Moore, and it attracted some criticism for how the story “stuffed into the fridge” Batgirl. For those of you that don’t know, this term was popularized by comic book writer Gail Simone. It was named as such due to how an enemy of Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern) killed his girlfriend and literally stuffed her corpse into a refrigerator. That must have been unappetizing. Anyway, this refers to the tendency of side characters, usually female, to be killed off as a plot device to motivate or instill angst into another character, usually male. So I ask you, how would you rectify such a problem in the adaptation you are creating? Well, you solve it by having Batman bone his student!

My face after watching that scene, and your face after hearing what I just said.

Yep, you read that right. Batman literally has sex with Batgirl. What the hell? What the absolute hell!? Why did they feel the need to do this? Not only did they manage to derail these two characters into some of the traits I hate the most in protagonists  (which I will rant about on a latter date), this ruined the whole purpose of putting in thirty minutes of original content meant to flesh out Barbara Gordon (Batgirl). 
The whole situation is just godawful. Why did they feel the need to have Bruce do this with his student/surrogate daughter? Is it so that he can stave off the angst induced sexual frustration? Yep, no doubt about it. That has to be it. It seems to me that brooding characters are extremely likely to get around, because how else would they be relieved of their PAINFUL PAST! But really though, I was extremely disappointed that Bruce did not show restraint since he is the older and wiser of the two. I mean it must be super awkward to sleep with the daughter of your friend. But then again, maybe little Jimmy is not in a position to judge since he cheated on his wife in Batman: Year One. Because you know, keeping it in your pants is a concept lost on “mature” and “angsty” stories. 

And then one of the writer’s has the nerve to say that Barbara “controls the men in her life in this story“. What the hell am I supposed to take away from this? On one hand, it seems that he is indirectly saying that men are easily controlled by physical desires, while on the other hand, it seems as though sexual attraction is the way that women can be in control of a situation. Apparently, a fan thought the same when they said that Barbara was strong by “using sex”, in which the writer said, and I swear I am not making this up, “Wanna say that again? P****?” Wow, just wow.