I would hope that we understand that we humans are faulty. You can look at my previous post for more on that. But I am not talking about that today. No, I want to talk about something more uplifting, like an upward breeze that carries one over the ocean, only to fall into said ocean and be rescued by pirate with a captain named Bob. Okay, so that went somewhere… different. Anyway, what I want to examine today is the human condition.

The saying “put yourself in my shoes” may indeed be oft repeated, but it is a saying that we should all try to comprehend more. Humans have this tendency of judging people for actions they themselves have done. This is especially true of big names. We put celebrities on pedestals, and when our dream-like view of them gets shattered, we feel that we have somehow been betrayed, and we start checking off a list of unpleasanties.

I have heard before that every person has two faces to them. I have to disagree. People have at the very least three “selves” inside of them; the self they always show, the self that they deliberately choose to hide from most peoplr, amd the self that they themselves are not aware of. Sentient beings are complex in terms of thoughts and emotions, but we have this binary mindset that a person is either good or evil based on their actions, but the truth is that everybody is gray. And some may view that as cynical, but I believe that that means that we all.have the potential to become better.

The 16th President of the United States once said that “If you want to test a man’s character, give him power”, and John Dalberg-Acton said “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. While I believe that there is wisdom in both of their words, it seems that both men fall into the binary thinking that I was talking about. One cannot corrupt or pervert something that was never there to begin with, and it is impossible to measure someone’s full character that easily. Temptation can reveal the strongest aspects of somebody, but temptation does not reveal the full “self”. Don’t get me wrong, if power does show a weakness of yours, correct it. However, if you were close to making that type of decision, or actually did make that decision, then how can you be overly critical when another person succumbs to temptation?

We are all only human, but this is not meant to be an excuse. It is a realization of what we are. The only way to get stronger is to understand one’s limitations.