Recently, I continuously hear people say “what is this world coming to”, or “the world is headed on a downward spiral”. Well, I would have to disagree that the world is changing, because it isn’t. And that is the problem right there.

We should be in a golden age right now. We have the failings of the past for guidance, but like a rebellious teenager, we keep ignoring it. We would like to believe ourselves to be “enlightened”, but we share many of the same values as those who we would call barbaric. 

The concept of “eye for an eye” is something that shouldn’t be nearly as widespread as it still is. We should have already learned by now that revenge will get us nowhere, and that violence is a last resort. But here we are with warmongering and petty acts of spite.

We should know by now that there is no black and white morality in war. Each revolution has involved cruel treatment of those that wish to not be a part of it. Historical revisionism allows for the winners to sweep their crimes under the rug. How often do you see people talking about WWII injustices except for those of the Nazis? But still, we ignore that war is only useful for short term gains at best, and even that is debatable.

How long will it take for us to realize that discrimination shouldn’t be tolerated? We keep ignoring prejudice since it is “troubling” to think about. The cycle just keeps spinning and spinning. Just when we believe we have succeeded, another group becomes the target. Soon, we will mistreat each other based on our teams in a game. Nevermind, I’m too late. And the same species that claim to value freedom above all else is the same species that would oppress and exploit each other and everything else for their benefit. Even back in the days of the American Revolution did you see the hypocrisy of the rebels still keeping slaves. 

The influence of aristocracy is still ever present. For all of our talk about how anyone could become what they want through hard work, the fact is that most of the world’s richest people inherited their wealth. It was not a matter of effort, just plain dumb luck. We would expect for us to have fixed the social inequality that has been ever present since the days of nobility, but I expected to get a blue pony on my tenth birthday, so what do I know?

It is an embarrassment how we try to teach kids the stock lessons of “treat everyone with respect”, or “violence is bad”, yet we refuse to stick by those AT ALL. You know, there was once a time when I wondered why the same lessons keep showing up. But I understand now that people. Just. Don’t. Get it. When my generation grows old, we will end up like the previous generation; lamenting the passing of the good old days even when there were never any, us looking down on the next generation, and us passing all of our problems to them because we couldn’t be bothered fixing anything. This insane cycle of never learning your lesson is something we see on comedies, but that is just what we are. One big fat joke that got old.