Autel, Ouranos

June 5, 4094

Autel, a marvelous city residing in the sky, otherwise known as the region of Ouranos. The clear waters from the outer gardens pour into the region of Oceanus. At the center of the city are three basilica, and their ingenious construction is known to the whole world. The total area is 500,015 km^2 with a population of 1,322,300.

Around a table, two brothers drink and converse. They had just recently obtained another victory in their campaign to clean the streets of crime.

Jean: Another one for us, Bray! At this rate, we may end up being recognized as heroes! Hell, the Union may end up coming to recruit us.

Braeden puts the cup he was drinking from down.

Braeden: Really now? What makes you think that they would want a guy that woke up behind a casino with his clothes stripped off, which happened because in both his and the casino’s words, “got a bit excited”?

Jean:… That happened only once mate.

Braeden: Once in a lifetime, or once a day ago?

Jean gulps down the rest of his drink and puts the cup down  in shame.

Jean: Well, my underwear was still on when I woke up, so I call that a win.

Braeden: Hmph, I take whatever I can with you.

The two raise their cups to toast one another, and as soon as they touch, the illusion is shattered. Sleeping on a couch, Braeden opens his eyes.

Braeden: That dream again? At least it happened only twice this week.

He rises from the couch in his office. He heads over to his desk to see what time it is.

Braeden: It’s only 5:00? (If that is the case, I should get started then)

He heads into the kitchen. He gathers ingredients to make bagels. He mixes the ingredients, forms the dough, and bakes the bagels. When they were finished, he put all of them on a platter, which he then put aside on a table. Afterwards, he went to the bathroom to take a shower. He strips off all of his clothes, revealing his scarred body. The water from the shower drips off his dark lean body. He exits the shower, and as soon as he does, he hears an explosion.

Braeden: What the hell!?

He hurriedly but calmy puts his clothes on and rushes to investigate. He travels to the upper floor of the building, and when he opens the door, he sees the fire being  absorbed into three tails.

Bazzel: Morning sir!

The fox-like phantom beast absorbs the remaining flames into his tails, not even bothering to take the pipe out of his mouth. Braeden closes his eyes and lowers his head in acceptance.

Braeden: So it was you Bazzel?

Bazzel: Ah, don’t say it like that! It makes it sound like you’re disappointed.

Braeden: I wouldn’t I am disappointed, just slightly disgruntled.

Braeden walks over to a table with red materials spread across.He picks up a piece and turns to Bazzel.

Braeden: Are you still having trouble configuring philosopher’s stones as a power source.

Bazzel: No, no. The explosion was from something else. I’ve been working a hybrid power source, with both having redundant systems.

Braeden: I see.

Braeden walks over to a window to haze upon the Merkabah, an airship 70 meters in length, with a jet black paint coat, and silver accents.

Braeden: Still, it is amazing how you have completed all of this in the span three months.

Bazzel: Well of course! When I first conceived this project, I swore that it will be my greatest work! My magnum opus. These heavenly paws of mine served as tools, and the tools I used served as other tools! That is the way of me, the great Major Bazzel!

Braeden: You are supposed to act more modest when you are complemented. By the way, food is ready.

Bazzel: Great! I was starting to get tired, so I will take a break.

Braeden: Maybe you tired yourself out from yelling?

Bazzel: He he, well you’re the same way sir?

Braeden: To hell I am.

Braeden faces the exitway.

Braeden: Come, let’s go downstairs. She is probably down there by now.

As they head downstairs, another explosion goes off.

Braeden: God damn it!

He rushes down to the kitchen, and when he gets there, he sees a fair skinned woman withlong, waist length sandy blonde hair with and emerald eyes trying to put the fire out.

Braeden: God damn it Sera! I told you not to touch the stove.

Sera: But as you can see, I did not touch the stove. I simply utilized the oven, sir.

Braeden: Thats the same damn thing! What were you using for!? I made two dozen bagels, and you ate damn near all of them!

He looks to the platter that he had previously prepared, seeing that there were only four left.

Sera: It is not good to yell too much. I hear that it causes you to age faster.

Braeden: You of all people should not tell me anything about age.

Silence fills the room for only a second. Suddenly, a golden fulbright shrouds Sera, and Bazzel cowers in the corner.

Sera: Excuse me?

Braeden: Oh what are you going to do, shock me? That is the second most cliche thing you could do at this moment.

Silence fills the room once again as Sera’s fullbright subsides.

Sera: Hmph, whatever.

She goes towards the exit.

Sera: I’m going to go change my clothes.

She draws attention to her ruined clothes as she leaves. Once she is gone Bazzel turns his focus to Bray.

Bazzel: So what is the plan for today?

Braeden: The plan… Well, I am skipping out on patrol today. Sera and I are going to pay a visit to Amon, an associate of the Gagamba Family.

Bazzel: The Gagamba Family, one of seven divisions of the Gifters… So you finally decided to make your move against the Nine Pillars?

Braeden: Now is a good time as any. The Merkabah is nearly complete, and the Gifters have a strong presence here. So we do whatever we can to weaken them here in Autel, and we head to where Don Quixote Gagamba is.

Bazzel: I see, a plan like a well oiled machine. By the, why are you going to Amon’s hideout in the daytime? Wouldn’t be easier to infiltrate during the night?

Braeden: We are not going there to infiltrate. I want to avoid fighting, so I am hoping that he surrenders. Of course, he probably won’t.

A few seconds after he finished speaking, Sera enters the room, now wearing a black jacket over a white shirt, along with wearing a white skirt, black tights, and boots.

Sera: Alright, let’s go.


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