These days, it seems that apathy has become a treasured trait, but now more than ever, it is the worst thing to be desensitized or apathetic. Throughout all of history, written or unwritten, those who strived for change have been laughed at for being “naive”. Even today, people are convinced that it is useless to try to make things right, but those same people could never give me a concrete reason as to why it is impossible.

The idea of being altruistic is also looked down on. People can and will cite instances of people suffering because of good deeds. They will saying being a snitch will get you stiches. They will say helping wild animals will get you trampled and eaten. They will even say that being an activist if anytype will get you killed. But I truly believe that at least a fraction those that suffered from that lack regrets. You see, we sometimes put too much value in ourselves, causing us to ignore the many for the benefit of the few. We are too afraid of consequences, and while I am sure people like Henry David Thoreau were indeed afraid to some extent, they did it regardless to build a foundation for the future. That is what bravery is, although many confuse bravery with agression these days.

But even with all of that, the people of this generation would believe that all of what they did was pointless. That is the very definition of foolishness. Even when a person leaves this world, and even if there deeds were silent, their wills are passed down through the generations. You can crush a man’s body, curse his legacy, or wipe him from history. But no matter what you do, you can never, EVER be rid of his will. I know in my heart that there was at least on person with the strongest of spirits, and if that person did indeed exist, then I take it upon myself to inherit that burning soul. I will sieze it! Such things are not bound by blood. And if I fail to change anything, then someone else will carry my soul, for you see, even when all seems lost, the flames of the past will light the way towards the future.