Towards the end of the first chapter of Breaxer, I introduced the phantom beasts, and I made a small reference to some of the different races in the series, one of which was the werewolf (which has now been ret conned into werebeasts). Since they are similar, I want to make the distinction between the two clearer than the shine of my magnificent radiance. You shall be grateful, peasants.

Basically, the werebeast species have the ability to access two different sets of existences: that of a humanoid, and that of an animal or creature. In other words, they are similar to the classic portrayal of werewolves, except in this case, it cannot be contracted lime a disease, and the fact that it is not limited to wolves. A werebeast with mastery over their powers can mix the anatomy of their respective animal and humanoid form in many ways, such as a spider type sprouting out legs from the back. Aside from enhanced phsical strength, werebeasts share the trait of having all body parts improved in comparison to other species, such as having lungs with extraordinary capacity.

With phantom beasts are more simple and complicated at the same time as they are a very broad category. Unlike werebeasts, they cannot change into a humanoid form, and their individual abilities differ a great deal. Since each individual phantom beast is considered to be in its own class, they cannot have Mutations by definition. However, like all other races (except humans), they are able to possess Paradigms, but it may be hard to determine what which abilities of a phantom beast is natural, or comes from Ars Anima. 

Using a character to help you better understand,  Jack”the Black”, the criminal Braeden hunted down towards the end of the first chapter, was a phantom beast that resembled a black panther. He produced electricity on his fur, which he used to stun enemies that got too close. He did not have a Paradigm, but he was proficient at Ars Magus, thus why he used it against Braeden when they fought. The spell he used, “Raigeki”, is seperate from the electricity he produces naturally, although he was a practioner in lightning Ars Magus since it complemented him. Because of the unknown factors regarding phantom beasts, it is always a trial overcoming them, even the “weak” ones.

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