I feel that there is an especially volatile relationship between creators and fans. Ceeators make mistakes, and fans can get a bit out of hand with the backlash. That is pretty much the main reason I will rarely refer to a specific creator by name since I would not want to send hate their way. They would have to do something incredibly vile for me to call them out.

That said, there are plenty of times where creators get too big for their britches, whether it is dismissal, or disrespect to their fanbase. I have seen it too many times where a creator would act ungrateful to the people that got them to where they are right now, and brush off any and all criticism since they somehow think that they can do no wrong.

As I am a writer myself, I know that creators take pride in their work that they put their heart and soul into, and having some random guy or girl act all smug and giving overly harsh criticism even if they have no idea what you go through, or having no idea what your intentions were. HOWEVER, some of these criticisms are very valid, and creators sometimes have horrible ideas, whether due to the fame getting to their heads, or having too much creative freedom.

As a fan of many series, I have sometimes been told that I should just be quiet and create my own product if I am dissatisfied with an aspect of the series. This has always been a weak rebuttal in my opinion since a fan is most likely not to be a director, animator, game creator, or any other profession that requires proper training and education. Besides, that is why a fan goes to the creator for the product.

Also, in some cases, the fans may end up caring more about the series more than the creator. Too often, creators just churn whatever out to make that cash. Since they are in a different position, different interpretations about the product can be made, amd even though I have mixed feelings about the “Death of the Author”, it is truly beneficial at times. However, just like creators, fans can and often times do act irrational and inappropriately.

I can list all of the times that fans overreacted, but I will be here until my corpse is discovered by a drunken dullard in the 30th century, so I won’t. Instead, I will use a recent example. A couple days ago, my personal favorite manga series, Bleach, made a daring move. I know why people are upset, but some are writing off the series just because things did not go their way. And these may or may not be the same people that constantly snipe at the series for being too “formulaic”. Talk about an unpleasable fanbase.

There is also being too demanding on the fans’ end. Using another manga example, there is Yoshihiro Togashi, and his series, Hunter X Hunter. Fans of his have constantly joked about his frequent hiatuses. Regardless of how you feel about it, he is indeed not too well in regards to his health, and if you were to see the schedule of a Mangaka that runs a weekly series and other factors, I think one would be a bit more understanding.

Do you think you could do this?

I hope that I have helped some to better understand the other side of things. Creators should be understood more often, and not get harassed or insulted because they did not go about things the same way you envisioned. On that same token, fans should be able to criticize what they love without being instantly dismissed. It is all about respect and understanding.

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