I have been thinking about this for a while now, and I have finally decided to write about it. People talk about and crave what is known to be called power. Many conflicts, inner and outer, have their roots in this pursuit. But I always wondered, what is power? What does it mean to be strong? Why do we have an obsession with something that we may not have a great grasp on?

People with “power” tend to prey on what they believe to be “weak”. But who decides what weakness is? Is it the same type of people who must dominate others just to prove themselves? Or is it the group that believes themselves to be sub par because of what society dictates what path they must take? Either reason is cause for alarm.

Weakness is objectively defined as lacking strength, nut in order for that to be complete, we must know what objective power is. But does that even exist? Almost any display of power can be seen as an attempt to create a pretense of being strong. It is also interesting how the self-proclaimed elite are literally built on the backs of what they deem to be the weak. I am not saying that weakness is nonexistent, I am saying that we may want to reevaluate what these two mean.

I myself never cared much for the type of strength that involves being “dominant” or harming other sentient beings. Besides, what is known as superiority in this world is an illusion crafted by the “strong”. I believe that true strength comes from the heart. It is something that one must find themselves to truly understand.